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  • Zero Emission Building Towards a CO2 Zero-Emission Yanmar HQ . A model for the future.

Solar Power Generation, Co-Generation. World-leading environmental technology.

With 100 years of history behind us, we are now looking towards the next 100 years. Yanmar has built a new headquarters, the YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING, in Osaka, where the company was first established. The new building includes many innovative features aimed at realizing a Zero Emissions Building, including solar heat collection, gas heat pump air conditioning, and other efforts to utilize and reduce CO2 emissions.

With this building, Yanmar has brought together the latest in global environmental technology, creating a concept model that points to the future. This building embodies Yanmar’s mission to live in harmony with the Earth and enrich the lives of people the world over.

52 Meters of Greenery. A Boost to the Local Ecosystem.

On the south-facing wall of the YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING, we have built a 52 meter high, 23.7 meter wide vertical green space, covering an area of 1,230 m². It contributes to the re-absorption of air pollutants, helps in the recovery of the local environment, and improves amenities for the building's users. The vegetation is bound in a non-woven fabric with a minimal amount of artificial soil and incorporated into the external louvers where it is fed with an automated irrigation system.

In addition, since March 2011 we have supported the NPO: “Umeda Honey Bee Project” through hives installed on the rooftop. These hives are set up amongst the rooftop gardens. By using local flowering plants for about 40% of the wall-greening project, we support the bees collection of nectar and promote harmony with the natural environment.

Special Features and Major Technologies in the New Headquarters Building

A gas co-generation system is in use for the office air-conditioning and hot water systems. This achieves energy conservation through high combustion efficiency and low fuel consumption.

The air-conditioning system employs a gas heat pump air conditioner (GHP) which maintains a comfortable indoor environment.

To take advantage of our position as a tall building in a big city, we have also installed solar panels on the upper section of the south-facing walls.

A vertical garden measuring about 1,230 m² on the lower portion of the south-facing wall was also installed. This contributes to the re-absorption of air pollutants, helps in the recovery of the local environment, and improves amenities for the building's users.

Aside from part of the equipment room, we use LED lighting for all of the interior lighting. We have also installed sensors to measure the brightness of the natural light and automatically control the ambient lighting.

Natural ventilation and eco-louvers installed around the windows take advantage of natural light and wind.

To support the Umeda Honey Bee Project NPO, the new headquarters building provides space in the new rooftop garden for the installation of beehives. Through rooftop gardening and biodiversity projects we are working to better local communities.