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A Message from the President

In 2012 Yanmar celebrated 100 years of business and we took this opportunity to unveil our new mission.

This is our Mission Statement.
Looking to the next 100 years, it is our aim to create a sustainable society based on the recycling of resources.
Recently, our new headquarters was completed; a building which embodies this Mission. It has been named the “YANMAR FLYING-Y BUILDING”.

The design of the building is reminiscent of the bow of a ship. This is a symbol of Yanmar embarking on our new journey, sailing into the next 100 years, and represents our desire to continue innovating on the global stage. In addition to bringing together various technologies from throughout the Yanmar Group, it is also an example of world-class environmental performance.

We think of this not merely as a building, but as an embodiment of our vision at Yanmar to become a global base for solutions in the future.

As our first step, we announced a new initiative: “YF2112”.
“YF2112” is our commitment to create the technologies that will support the next century.

As we look towards the next 100 years, Yanmar is taking steps towards realizing a recycling-oriented society and we will strive to continue to make innovations in this field.

Takehito Yamaoka


Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.