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Yanmar to debut new variable speed genset engines at the Middle East Electricity show

Yanmar is to launch a new line of engines ranging from 1-18kW designed specifically for the latest developments in power generation market.  


Carlo Giudici, Yanmar’s Director Sales says, “We’ve been observing a new trend in power generation market, linked to the advances in permanent magnet generator technology. We are launching these diesel engines to back what OEMs are doing.

We know how important the overall cost of power generation is. As a matter of fact, it is increasingly becoming a deciding factor for end users, to choose one brand of generator or another. For this reason, we decided to develop a range of engines fine-tuned for variable speed generators, which can significantly reduce fuel cost per kW.” Variable speed generators save across the rev range, but it is at peak output where the savings are quite remarkable. Carlo Giudici, notes, “We compared a 4TNV88-B fixed speed unit to a variable speed 3TNV88-B and found that there was an economy improvement of almost 20 per cent at peak power.” And this despite the power output being the same.  

A big advantage of this technology is that our OEMs can use a three-cylinder engine to get same power of a fixed speed four-cylinder engine. This means a smaller purchasing cost in the first place, better fuel economy during operation and also being able to build a smaller, more compact generator, which can come in handy in many situations.  

Carlo Giudici, continues, “Among our first customers have been companies involved in telecom tower business. They are drawn to us anyway because they need an uncompromising reliability, which they know they can find with Yanmar… besides our engines stick out of the crowd for their fuel efficiency, which is what the whole business model of these people is built around. It could not be but a happy marriage.  

We’re now really looking forward to meeting new customers at the exhibition as there are many other areas where these engines will be ideal.”  

Yanmar will exhibit 3TNV88-B and L100N engines.

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