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Demopark Debut for Yanmar YT2 Tractors

World-leading tractor manufacturer Yanmar will use the Demopark exhibition in Eisenach (11 to 13 June) to underline its commitment to the municipality and landscaping sectors with the introduction of the YT2 series models.  

The Demopark exhibition will provide the German launch-pad for the new YT2 tractor series from global leader Yanmar. Designed to meet the specific needs of the landscaping sector and local authorities and municipalities, the new tractors set a new benchmark for driver comfort, ease of maintenance and operational versatility. 


Appearing in Germany for the first time on stand E-585, the new YT2 models are designed to provide owners and operators with reliable, year-round performance and benefit from a number of key features including:

    • Engine – Reliable, emissions-compliant, future-proof and field-proven diesel engine.
    • Transmission – Hydrostatic transmission provides smooth changes and optimum power throughout the speed range. 
  • Cabin – Spacious, air-conditioned cab delivers optimum operator comfort and all-round visibility
Hard-working & Reliable

Developed to replace its popular EF series models, the agile Yanmar YT2 tractors have been designed by world-renowned industrial designer Ken Okuyama who also designed the Yanmar YT3 models, with Vario transmission, which are available from this moment. But there is more to the new YT2 series that just good looks and pleasing aesthetics. These hard-working and reliable tractors are designed to deliver optimum performance across a wide range of applications including landscaping, light construction and city maintenance. They are powered by a common-rail, 3-cylinder diesel engine that delivers a power output of 35 horsepower (26 kW). The Stage 5-ready engine is fitted with a dependable particulate filter that minimises engine emissions and makes the YT2 models ideally suited to inner city and environmentally-sensitive applications. The reliable engine drives through a hydrostatic transmission that facilitates smooth acceleration throughout the power range and which delivers a top speed of 30 km/hour.  An easy-to-use twin pedal allows the operator to switch effortlessly between forward and reverse direction while both 2WD and 4WD can be activated and deactivated via a simple electrical switch. Also the YT235 offers bi-speed for easy, quick and short turning in the working area.  

Comfort optimised

YT series tractors are operated from a spacious and well-appointed cabin that provides excellent all-round visibility to front and rear-mounted implements and of the surrounding work area for optimum safety. Visibility is improved still further by the relocation of the air conditioning and heating package to the rear of the machine which provides uninterrupted forward vision. 

The cabin is isolated to protect the operator from both noise and vibration, making the machine a comfortable work environment even during extended work periods. In-cab noise levels are ≤ 82 dB(A). An almost flat cabin floor provides plenty of room for the operator and for the storage of tools whilst affording unencumbered ingress and egress from the work station. Equipped with turf tyres, the compact YT2 tractors are just 2.08 metres tall, allowing them to operate in areas where working height is at a premium. This ability to work in confined spaces in enhanced by a turning circle of just 3.3 metres without the use of bi-speed turning. A rear 3-point hitch lift capacity of 1,350 kg and a broad range of front and rear-mounted implements underscore the versatility of the new YT2 models and allow them to perform a multitude of tasks across a broad spectrum of applications and industry sectors. The machines on display at Demopark are pre-production models. Machines will be available in the fourth quarter, direct from the Yanmar production line.  

Comprehensive range

Yanmar will be completing its Demopark line-up with a display that includes representative models from across the company’s comprehensive range, each reflecting the company’s half century of tractor design, development and innovation.

Visitors to the show can take the opportunity to view the SA series machine, with 21 and 24 HP engine and which also feature a new operator’s cabin. These will appear alongside the GK series models that range from 16 to 20 HP; the EB series machines with 31 HP output range; and the YT3 series that extends from 47 to 60 HP.  

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